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A select group of professional drivers, the Arkansas Road Team is committed to improving highway safety. This complimentary outreach program of the Arkansas Trucking Association serves to educate the motoring public – especially younger drivers – on safe driving. Through visits to schools and events around the state, the Arkansas Road Team delivers their Share the Road program with hands-on illustrations and demonstrations on safe-driving best practices. Additionally, they act as ambassadors for the trucking industry through media appearances and presentations to civic organizations and other engagements. The Arkansas Road Team is comprised of drivers from ATA-member trucking companies. These industry professionals are available for appearances at no cost, schedule permitting, for Share the Road presentations and other educational events and promotions. Learn more about the Arkansas Road Team and the value they can bring to your school or event.


Delivered by the Arkansas Road Team, Share the Road presentations are custom-designed for each event and audience. Programs are generally geared toward driving-age students in groups of 20-25 and coincide with class periods of approximately 50 minutes each. Audiences learn valuable, lifesaving information on safe driving and get a hands-on, behind-the-wheel view of a professional driver. See what a Share the Road presentation looks like in this brief video. From a single class to an entire high school, or other safety-focused events, Share the Road presentations are offered at no cost. Contact the Arkansas Trucking Association today to schedule a Share the Road presentation for your school or event… (Learn more)



Complementing our Share the Road program, SAFE1 is a mobile driving simulator unit that provides hands-on learning and offers experience without risk. Audiences are exposed to a variety of challenging and potentially hazardous scenarios in a controlled environment with recorded reactions and response times along with after-action reviews for performance improvement. This approach supports improved critical driving skills and enhanced decision making abilities, while helping advance safety on our highways. The SAFE1 simulator offers:
  • State of the art driving simulation technology with sharp and visually accurate 180° field-of-view displays for an immersive environment that combines the look and feel of a real vehicle.
  • Adjustable, progressively difficult scenarios to improve defensive driving and hone decision making skills.
  • Challenging situations that target situational awareness, self-awareness, and critical thinking skills.
  • Different terrains, roads and conditions in a realistic, risk-free environment.
Bring SAFE1 to you school or event! Contact the Arkansas Trucking Association to schedule a presentation.


Watch the following short videos featuring the Arkansas Road Team sharing valuable information on safe-driving.